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Volunteers needed

Volunteer to join the MOZES board of directors

We need enthusiastic supporters in the Meadows community to help us spread our ideas and implement our projects and build MOZES.

If you believe like us that we need to change our energy use; if you could talk to neighbours; or spread the word to local groups; or help to lead some of our activities; or spread our enthusiasm for improving the Meadows in any other way; or offer any skills or experience that might help, we would love to hear from you.

Board members are especially needed from the Meadows social housing tenants.

Some specialist skills or knowledge that we need on the board are:

  • People who have a passionate interest in energy conservation and environmental issues, who might be able to play a creative role in developing new MOZES activities.
  • People who are prepared to organise or lead projects in the community such as education activities.
  • Business experience.
  • Experience of running a taxi service.
  • People with links with organisations or companies active in practical environmental projects in the UK.
  • Financial expertise.

The Board meets every 2 or 3 months, and some sub-committees meet inbetween.

We are looking for Board members who will play an active role in developing MOZES.

Contact us for more information.