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Volunteers needed

MOZES depends on the voluntary input of many people. The day-to-day running of MOZES is done by ‘Meadows Partnership Trust’ (MPT) including a huge input from MPT members of staff Chris Brummitt, Jackie Dobson and Rachel Gama. MPT earn a fee for this work. Apart from this everyone involved with MOZES gives their time freely.

MOZES especially needs local Meadows residents with certain skills, knowledge or experience:

  • Business experience.
  • People who are prepared to organise or lead projects in the community such as education activities.
  • Experience of running a taxi service.
  • People who have a passionate interest in energy conservation and environmental issues, who might be able to play a creative role in developing new MOZES activities.
  • Someone who could work with local landlords.
  • Someone who can assist in writing funding bids and/or researching relevant funding organisations.
  • A volunteer photographer to record MOZES projects and activities.
  • Administration skills.
  • Legal knowledge.
  • Financial knowledge.

Contact us for more information.

Volunteer to join the MOZES board of directors

Board members are especially needed from the Meadows social housing tenants. For more information view our webpage.