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Solid wall insulation explained

‘Solid wall insulation’ is used on houses which were built without a cavity between the inner and outer wall. Such houses loose far more heat through their walls than houses with a wall cavity, especially if that cavity has insulation in it. The image below shows two semi-detached houses photographed with a special camera which records the amount of heat emitted from the homes over a few hours.

Thermal image of a house showing heat loss

The house on the left has it’s central heating turned on, and the yellow and red patches show where significant amounts of heat are being emitted by the walls and windows. Insulation could prevent this heat loss and reduce the heating bills for the occupants.

The photographs below show insulation being installed on the outside of a house.

Photo of a house wall with brickwork fully exposed

First the brickwork is fully exposed.

Photo of a house showing insulation being applied

Then the insulation is applied to the brickwork.

Photo of a house with plaster coat put on top of insulation

Finally a plaster coat is put on top of the layer of insulation.

This photo shows insulation being fitted around a window

The insulation can be applied to the inside of the walls. This photo shows insulation being fitted around a window onto the internal wall of the house. It will then be plastered over.