Photo of a heat reading of a house

Current projects

Future Plans: Retrofitting Council Houses

The purpose of the project would be to demonstrate what can be done to reduce the energy use and ‘carbon-footprint’ of older properties that currently waste a lot of fuel through their walls, roofs, windows and entrances; and which also have inefficient boilers and appliances that use a lot more fuel than models that are available now.

MOZES would like to obtain funding to work with one of the Meadow’s social housing providers to completely refit an older house (e.g. 1940s or ’50s) with modern standards of wall and roof insulation, double glazed windows, efficient boilers and heating, washing machines, cookers etc. this property would then be available to rent.

One of the important improvements which is a key part of retrofitting many properties is ‘Solid Wall Insulation’. Find out more about what solid wall insulation is on our webpage and how it is applied to a home.