Photo of two houses with solar pannels on

Achievements so far

Photo-Voltaic Solar Panels installed on 65 Houses

In December 2009 MOZES in partnership with British Gas won £500,000 for the Meadows from the ‘Department of Energy and Climate Change’ (DECC). This money paid for the installation of Photo Voltaic (PV) solar panels on the roofs of Meadows properties. These panels produce electricity using the sun’s rays. The electricity can be used in the buildings that have them.

The electricity cannot be stored and what is not used goes straight into the national grid.

PV solar panel systems were installed on 65 houses (mostly social housing or low-income owner occupied housing), 3 schools and 2 community buildings.

Photo of solar panels

MOZES PV solar panels going onto Welbeck Primary School.

Photo showing PV panels on a bungalow

MOZES PV panels on bungalows in the Meadows.

Photo of Alan on the roof

Alan Simpson looks at PV panel being installed near the recreation ground.

Photo solar panels on 3 houses

We would like to see the roofs on most streets looking like this.

The majority of these installations were made free of charge. The reresident benefits from free electricity if they use it while it is being generated.

This is not suitable for all roofs – they have to get enough sun e.g. South facing.

The electricity that the occupants of the home don’t use goes into straight into the national grid and MOZES is paid for it by the electricity company, at prices fixed by the government.

MOZES is paid 43p by the government per kWhr generated. This gives us funds to carry out our work, which could include new projects.

Because the government is reducing the amount which it will pay per kWhr this project has been paused while the various companies involved assses whether it is economically viable to continue installing new PV panels. Panels installed before 12th December 2011 will still be paid 43p per kWhr.