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About us and what we do

What was MOZES set up to do?

Energy is becoming a very important issue in our lives.

Fuel prices are rising steeply and predictions are that they will continue to do so. It has been suggested that UK will become the largest sovereign importer of gas in the world by 2015 so we may not have any control over the prices.

Almost all major scientific bodies concerned with the climate say that global warming is reaching dangerous levels, and that it is caused by the amount of CO₂ put into the atmosphere by human activity – activity such as heating our homes, driving petrol driven cars and producing our electricity by coal-fired power stations. We need to change the way we do these things.

For both these reasons the people who founded MOZES want to try to start making changes in their own community rather than waiting for the government to do everything. We want the Meadows to take some initiative to make the modernisation and improvements needed.

MOZES wants the Meadows to become a place for experimentation and innovation in sustainable energy.

The Meadows is particularly vulnerable to increased costs of fuel because of the number of solid wall uninsulated properties and the relatively high level of fuel poverty (this is defined as a household that has to spend more than 10% of its income to maintain adequate heating).

‘Solid walls’ are walls that don’t have a cavity between the inner layer of bricks and the outer layer. Houses that have a cavity can have it filled with insulation.