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About us and what we do

How did MOZES start?

MOZES was formally constituted in 2009 two years after a group of Meadows residents got together, with the help of the Meadows Partnership Trust (MPT) to try to do something positive about the struggle many people in the Meadows were having to pay their rising fuel bills (‘fuel poverty’), and about global warming. We wanted to set up projects to produce ‘green’ electricity locally, and to reduce the amount of fuel that houses in the Meadows need to keep warm and have hot water e.g. by better insulation and more efficient equipment in the home.

This led to the idea of forming a community ‘Energy Services Company’ (ESCO), to be developed as a social enterprise.

The Meadows Partnership Trust (MPT) has given MOZES huge support, especially in our early stages. They ran a lot of the MOZES projects and dealt with the money when MOZES hadn’t set itself up sufficiently to do these things directly.

Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP) has also played a crucial role in initiating projects and ideas and giving advice and support.

The Early History

In 2003 a partnership including MPT, NEP, the city council, Marsh Grochowski Architects, Arup and others worked with the local community on a ‘Living Landmarks Lottery Bid’, to help the Meadows become Nottingham’s first low carbon community.

NEP were chosen as the lead sustainable energy consultants and identified ways of using energy-saving and sustainable energy to help with fuel poverty and if possible create local jobs.

NEP drew up a full energy and carbon profile of the Meadows and in consultation with the community devised a range of programmes to enable Meadows residents to take ownership of their local energy resources, reduce energy bills and cut carbon emissions.

In 2007 a Steering Group was formed in the Meadows to set up the ESCO. It was to be called ‘The Ozone Lottery Project’. The steering group got funding assistance from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and then went on to win £250,000 from the Lottery to develop plans for an ambitious project which included a large community wind-turbine which could supply electricity to some of the Meadows.

National Energy Action (NEA) supported and advised the Steering Group and attended meetings. NEA commissioned a law firm with expertise in ESCOs, Brodies LLP, to do a feasibility study which NEA paid for.

The Lottery Ozone Project was supported by a group of ‘stakeholders’ including Meadows Partnership Trust, Nottingham City Council and Nottingham University.

The Ozone Project unfortunately did not get the funding it needed, but the Steering Committee decided that there were many other things that needed to be done in the Meadows to decrease energy use and energy bills, so MOZES was formed. MOZES became an incorporated company in October 2009.