Two different areas of the Meadows area in Nottingham


MOZES is the Meadows’ own ‘Community Energy Group’ and covers The Meadows catchment area (yellow inner area in above photo) and Greater Meadows area (pink outer area in above photo) in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Energy is becoming a very important issue in our lives. Whether or not you are concerned about global warming and what needs to be done to reduce it, everybody is affected by rising energy bills. Since 2010 we have seen energy prices rise by over 10% per year, more than 3 times the rate of inflation, and up to 8 times the rate in earnings. In the long run energy prices will almost certainly go on rising steeply.

For both environmental and energy-price reasons in communities like the Meadows we need to:

  • Help ourselves to use our heating and electricity more effectively.
  • Produce at least some of our own electricity.
  • Make any other changes we can to use less gas, petrol or oil.

1st photo: solar pannel, 2nd photo: man insulating a loft, 3rd photo: man fixing boiler

MOZES was formed by a group of people who live in the Meadows to try to achieve some of these objectives.

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